Welcome To Gryphon Media

Gryphon Media specialises it creating high end Drupal based websites.

Whether you need a shopping site, a paid membership site, magazine style site, or any other social or media type site we can offer solutions for you.

We offer:

  • Graphical design elements (logos, colour schemes)
  • Drupal based websites with the ability for you to update your own content in real time
  • Shopping and payment integration
  • Social network integration
  • Hosting on our private server
  • Domain names
  • Video content production (including animation)
  • Photography
  • Professional marketing solutions
  • Advice on improving your online status
Video for the web

Gryphon Media produces high quality video content for the web. We work with extremely gifted freelancers to give you a fully professional product.

We're also currently working with oculus rift to create virtual reality content for the web.

Social Networking

Gryphon Media has created several social networking sites, paid and un-paid.

Whether it's for a club, group, mailing list, or something a bit more adventurous we can give you several options for creating your own online community.

Auction Sites

Gryphon Media's parent company has over 12 years’ experience developing software for the auction industry.

We've used this experience and applied it to the web.

Scottish Whiskey Auctions allows users to bid on their products and also allows them to sell these products directly.

Ticket Sales and Online Blogs

Bristol Film is a site that was designed to sell event tickets online without having to go through a 3rd party site.

Once purchased the tickets including a unique barcode are e-mailed to the customer. This can be then printed out by the customer and used to verify the ticket holder's identity at the door.

Experimental Sites

Gryphon Media constantly experiments with new code and new ways of producing and designing websites.

If you have any ideas for a site but not sure on how to make it work, feel free to contact us and we can talk you through possible solutions.


We produce our own HTML 5 animations for the web.

For an example of this please check out ATR.


We have experience with various e-commerce solutions and several of our sites already include e-commerce systems. We're currently developing our first market place store please visit The Fineman Gallery to see our progress.